In 1971, Great Earth Vitamins emerged out of the whole earth, back-to-nature movement to bring that ideal into people’s everyday lives. Great Earth was founded on the belief that a diet of nutritious, Earth-sourced vitamins and supplements would foster not only healthy bodies but healthy lives.
The idea took off.

Today, Earthbar has grown to become a healthy supply co. and a way of life. We still believe in products that nourish you from inside out. Even more, we want to be at the center of a community of health-minded people who believe…

life is awesome, nourish it.™


Provisions with a purpose.™

As Earthbar has expanded to reach more and more health and wellness seekers, we’ve expanded our offering to include a complete offering of vitamins and supplements, fresh grab-and-go meals, cold-pressed juices, healthy snacks, and more.

At the core of everything we do, is a commitment to your health and well-being, energy and vitality, love of life and love of planet earth.

Nutritional Innovation

You can trust Earthbar to bring you products that are at the cutting edge of nutritional innovation:

  • Earth-sourced and botanically-inspired
  • Best-in-class formulations, recipes, and ingredients
  • High-quality, certified organic, safe, pure and raw, plant-originated
  • Stewardship of earth’s precious natural resources
  • Nourishment you can trust

Benefits You Care About

Earthbar’s commitment to holistic nourishment provides you a unique experience that is:

  • Simple to shop — we’ve done the work for you
  • A community vibe
  • Attainable wellness-oriented lifestyle
  • Information that helps you make the right choices for your wellness goals

Earthbar and You

Are you an Earthbar® Earthling?

Are you independently minded? Are you curious about your well-being? Are you globally aware and optimistic? Do you crave authenticity? Do you desire achievement? Do you love nature? Do you care about the planet? Want to transform your body, your mind, your life, your future?

If you answered yes, then you probably are one of us — an Earthbar® Earthling. Visit our site regularly for new products, new information, and new resources. And visit our stores to pursue your optimal wellness.