Core Daily Pack™

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Nourish. Balance. Energize. Our original best-selling formula since 1971.

  • - 35 years of proven purity and potency
  • - A combination of 4 scientifically proven supplements
  • - Core building blocks for great health
  • - Time released for maximum absorption
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Our best-selling Core Daily Pack is designed and tested to gradually release nutrients into your system so your body absorbs everything our vitamins have to offer. These four supplements, taken daily, are the building blocks to great health.

Super Hy-Vites

A high potency, time released multi-vitamin with a complete B-complex that energizes your body and mind throughout the day

Super C Complex 500

All the Vitamin C you need in one capsule and uniquely buffered so that it is gentle on your stomach and easily absorbed by your body

Super Multi Minerals

Provides 11 essential trace minerals with extra high potencies of calcium, iron, and zinc

Super Antioxidant 200

An all natural Vitamin E anti-oxidant formula delivered in “dry” capsules that significantly improve digestion and assimilation

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