Sinus Blaster

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Immediate sinus relief when you need it most.

  • - A pungent aromatic formula that dilates and drains sinus passageways
  • - Helps deepen breathing and kills microbial inundation
  • - Helps alleviate pressure associated with sinus headaches
  • - Aid for those who snore from inflammation
  • - 48 servings
  • - New Look, Same Powerful Formula As Our Cold and Sinus Blaster
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We all know the feeling: congestion with no end in sight, pressure behind the eyes, a nose that won’t stop running. Allow us to introduce you to our Sinus Blaster, an herbal homeopathic remedy designed for your sinuses at their worst. Our formula produces vapors that have an immediate, dramatic, and direct impact on the sinus, dilating its passageways in order to drain them. Repeated doses over part of a day can help maintain sinus drainage and therefore quicken one’s rate of recovery.

The Sinus Blaster is also useful to assist breathing even without sinus infection, and can be used before athletic events, to treat altitude sickness, and to reduce inflammation before bedtime for those who snore.

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