Super Immune Booster

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Immune system boost when you need it most.

  • - Supports and activates the immune system’s response throughout the body with emphasis on the respiratory system
  • - Helps the body fight off colds and other viruses
  • - Fortifies important lines of immune defense including the digestive system, the liver, and the lymphatic system
  • - Contains Echinacea purpurea root and Oregon grape root
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Sometimes the immune system needs a jump start, especially with the onset of a cold. Our Super Immune formula activates multiple lines of immune system defense – the digestive system, the liver/gallbladder, and the lymphatic system, to give you the boost you need.

Note: Do not take for extended continuous periods of time. Those with immune stimulation sensitive conditions should use Schisandra Immune Build along with Daily Antioxidants.

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