Raw Whole Food Super Pack

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Purify. Rejuvenate. Restore. Our Pure Whole Food Supplements are 100% raw, certified organic and sourced from fresh fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs and sea vegetables.

  • - 100% food derived
  • - Extended release for easy digestion
  • - Whole food source of nutrition
  • - Certified Organic
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Our Earthbar Organics™ Raw Whole Food Super Pack offers a powerful punch of dried and granulated fresh fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs, and sea vegetables to give you optimum nutritional benefit. These four supplements taken together are super-charged with antioxidants, naturally occurring calcium and magnesium, minerals, and Vitamin C.

Super Antioxidant

This super-charged antioxidant contains over 25 certified organic whole fruits (including 300 mg of organic alma fruit), grains, vegetables, four different mushrooms, chlorella and spirulina.

Super Multi Vitamin

A nutrient-rich blend of 18 colorful organic whole fruits and vegetables, including lemon, holy basil, guava, and Algas calcareous (the first certified organic plant source of naturally occurring calcium and magnesium).

Marine Minerals Electrolytes

Packed with several minerals including AlgaeCal, a plant that grows untouched by modern agriculture along the pristine shores of protected coastline in South America. It is harvested live, just like vegetables from a garden, then cold processed to retain all of its naturally occurring nutritional value.

Super Vitamin C

Few people know that hersperidin, rutin and bioflavanoids always naturally occur along-side Vitamin C. We used the rinds of five different fruits which contain each of these ingredients in our Super Vitamin C so you get what Mother Nature intended.

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